What it measures

Brief descriptions of the behaviours measured in the 360 Gold feedback questionnaire.


There are numerous functions and skills in leadership. The feedback in this tool focuses on your ability to be firm, focused and results oriented. This is about communicating goals and standards, and dealing effectively with under performers. It is about grasping the nettle and managing your team in a way that people know you are firm and fair. Leadership feedback in this section also includes your ability to make difficult decisions, handle difficult conversations and be effective in documenting these meetings so that everyone knows they are accountable for their actions.

Soft Skills

There are numerous soft skills required to win support from those you lead. These include listening, supporting, coaching, developing, motivating and building relationships.


This is about your ability to take setbacks in your stride, get up and keep going when things are tough. It is about being able to stay positive when you feel that you are being treated badly or the company is not doing its part in supporting your needs. It is about being controlled and not passing your frustrations down the line. Resilience is about that mental toughness that keeps you going when you must make sacrifices, work long hours, take the knocks and criticism from your managers and your direct reports. It is about believing in yourself when your department is the department that seems to be failing. Your strength will be in keeping going and keeping your team motivated.

Self-awareness and Confidence

This tells you about how self-aware you are and about your self-belief that in turn makes you self-confident.

Self-awareness is possibly the most important requirement of a leader. Many leaders struggle with genuinely receiving feedback and criticism, often denying that the feedback is true or suggesting that the commentator doesn’t really know or is biased. It takes real strength of character to realise, accept and own the fact that whatever people say about you is how they see you and whether you believe the comments to be true or false is irrelevant because people will judge you, respond to you, support or reject you based on their perceptions of you.

It has been said that the person most likely to give you the most honest assessment of yourself is your enemy. Can you listen to what this person has to say?


This is about your ability to understand where others are coming from, feel their pain, recognise their needs and know how to communicate to people in a supportive and understanding manner. This quality will gain you incredible respect from your direct reports as well as from colleagues and peers.