What it does for Training Managers/Human Resources and Development organisers

This is an amazing tried and tested tool that can help you develop managers at all levels.

It works exceptionally well as a feedback and coaching tool for management development programmes.

It can be used for and in conjunction with your appraisal/PDR system.

It also works well as tool to facilitate one to one coaching

It complements training and development sessions around soft skills and emotional intelligence AND you can have control over how the tool is used, confidentiality and progress monitoring.

We can adapt the tool to your specific requirements.

You may choose to be copied in on all profiles or you may allow your managers to have confidentiality or choice with regard to confidentiality and .. You can enjoy the benefit of a support hot line to assist you in giving managers further feedback and support.

Results shown as:-

  • A visual graph that displays the feedback scores from all respondents
  • Comments from respondents that include ..
    • Your strengths
    • Behaviours you may not be aware of
    • Behaviours that will help you succeed
  • Tips and advice to help you develop your leadership skills and your people skills
  • Explanation of the five areas of feedback which are:

Self - Awareness
Soft Skills

And how you can continue to develop these skills

You are also able to access telephone, online or face to face coaching (There may be additional fees in some instances)

Take a look at a sample feedback page