360 Gold Testimonials

“We have been using the 360 Gold feedback tool now on our management development programmes and have put over 200 managers through the process. Managers, supervisors and their line managers have found the process and the feedback invaluable and empowering. I can highly recommend the tool.”

Chemical Industry

“We used the 360 Gold profiles to support a one day management development programme. It proved to be a very useful tool to help my management team improve their leadership behaviours and for me to support their development”

Hospitality Industry

Comments from participants …

Some surprising feedback from colleagues. A very useful exercise and I'd like to do it again and ask others to contribute for more feedback

This was exceptionally useful as it identified areas which I need to improve on - some more than others. I was able to include this in my Personal Development Plan Assignment for college.

It helped me realise how I see myself and how my colleagues and line manager see me, which supported my PDP

This was extremely useful. Whilst it was encouraging I have taken note of some specific feedback and have actively changed how I engage when listening to people

It was extremely helpful to have feedback and comments from both team and associates

Brought to light how differently I am perceived by others and how my behaviours and actions in respect of others affect those perceptions. I will act on the feedback received

Worked  really well alongside the coaching.