Unique 360 Gold feedback tools to help you build high performing teams

Focused and Inspirational Leadership - a unique feedback tool based on emotional intelligence competencies and performance management - it can be supported with on line, remote or face to face coaching and can be tailored for your management development programme.

Team Feedback – Building emotionally intelligent teams - 360 degree feedback - for all levels and disciplines - based on emotional intelligence competencies and tailored to suit job roles - this tool can support or replace your appraisal process - it's ideal for mid-term appraisals - free advice with the package. What does this tool measure?

Team Competence – Feedback based on five or more competencies of your choice and may include Customer Focus, Resilience, Team Working, Interpersonal skills, Empathy, Problem Solving and more – tell us what you want.

Emotionally Intelligent Managers - 360 degree feedback for managers and leaders  - based on emotional intelligent competencies - ideal for management development and to support annual reviews.

Five Leadership styles - self-awareness tool - based on how leaders behave in the workplace - ideal for management development programmes and great for leadership training and coaching.

Motivation Survey - Measuring Motivation - More than a tool - this resource gives you the opportunity to measure motivation, celebrate success, resolve issues, create energy and excitement in your teams, improve motivation- measure improved motivation.

And this package comes with the option of support, coaching and facilitating to help your managers, HR teams and trainers.

Bespoke Tool - Tell us what you want and we will design you a bespoke 360 or self-awareness tool to meet your specific requirements.

What are you waiting for?