360 Gold

360 Gold is a unique online 360 degree leadership feedback and coaching tool based on effective and inspirational leadership and emotionally intelligent behaviour.

Not only does this tool provide valuable feedback to leaders and managers, it provides tips, advice and ideas  acting as a virtual coach to help you improve your leadership skills.

There is an optional service of further telephone or on line coaching from one of our skilled and qualified coaches

You can use 360 Gold as a tool for helping individual managers or groups of managers, and it is a tried and tested tool for helping trainers deliver management development programmes.

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Follow these instructions and we will do the rest.

Please send us the names and email addresses of the people you would like to provide feedback.

This Must include …

The recipient – the person requiring feedback

And ideally should include …

  • The recipient’s line manager
  • Direct reports
  • Other employees who may be able to give valuable feedback

Colleagues Usually around 7 people is a good number but feel free to provide more.

Please try to avoid …

  • Choosing people that will give all positive feedback – go for people who will be honest and objective
  • Choosing people who don’t know the recipient well enough in a works context.

Please note the recipient is required to complete the questionnaire as well as the invitees

If you need any help call us on 07966 486546 or email on info@sydstrike.co.uk